What is your returns policy?

If you are not totally satisfied with the product, you have up to 30 days after you receive the product to return it for a refund (original purchase price excluding postage). All items and packaging must be returned complete and in unused condition. The buyer is responsible for the return postage cost.

Can I install a raised garden bed on a slope?

Yes, you can install a ModBOX raised garden bed on a slope. If you have a wicking system, however, this needs to be placed on a flat surface. Send us a sketch of the area giving the gradient of the slope (the fall over a straight 1m length) and the length of your ModBOX. We’ll then work out a plan and estimate what you’ll need.

Can I install a garden bed on a timber deck?

The short answer is no. The long answer is yes, but there are two main factors to consider before placing a raised garden bed on a timber deck: weight and water.

  • Weight: The raised garden bed cannot weight more than the bearing load of the deck. Timber decks built within the parameters of the Australian Standard can support the weight of 200Kg per square metre. Blended topsoil weighs approximately 1000Kg per cubic metre. The raised garden bed, therefore, has to be 20cm in height or less.
  • Water: if the timber deck is in permanent contact with water, this will result in fast decay of the wood. The excess water needs to be drained off the timber or left to evaporation, or the garden bed has to have a wicking system.

To conclude: if the timber deck is built to support a load of 500Kg per square metre, it is possible to place a raised garden bed 450mm high with a wicking system. If unsure of the bearing load, the safest option is to use a planter with self-watering pots like this.

Can I install a garden bed on sandy soil?

The two main requirements to erect a raised garden bed are:

  • A flat and solid surface;
  • good water drainage.

Sandy soil will provide both. Remove rocks, roots and weeds from the area and use a rake to flatten it before installing the ModBOX raised garden bed.

Can I install a garden bed on clay soil?

Clay soil retains water, and this, over time, can damage the timber.
It is recommended to remove the top 50-75mm for an area slightly wider than the garden bed you intend to install. Then, lay down a weed-mat and fill the area with screening rocks. This gravel area will provide a solid base with good drainage, and the installation of the raised garden bed will be effortless.

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