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ModBOX timber raised garden beds are crafted in Australia from Callitris Cypress and are designed to endure the Australian climate for decades. They are easy to assemble, built with premium quality materials and offer an unmatched range of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Why more Australians are choosing ModBOX raised garden beds (over anything else)

We are passionate about building raised garden beds from sustainable materials that will last for decades. We guarantee all our raised garden beds for 10 years against any defect or structural failure but the life expectancy of a properly handled ModBOX will be over 25 years. 

When it comes to raised garden beds, the options are often limited to the small range of sizes that are available at the local hardware store. Most of the time those sizes will not match the ideal area for the veggie patch and will look out-of-place in your yard. Imagine being able to have a raised garden bed that fits your space needs rather than vice-versa. 

What lacking there is on the market in sizes and shape is made up for in a range of materials used to create raised garden beds. Recycled plastic, corrugated iron, treated pine, corten steel, and other unsightly recycled materials are a far cry from being safe, sustainable and long lasting options for growing food. Imagine your backyard featuring an organic, durable, food safe, raised garden bed that is actually stunning to look at.

Here’s what makes a ModBOX raised garden bed different: 

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ModBOX offers the largest range of shapes and sizes in raised garden beds

ModBOX’s innovative modular design means that you will be able to have a raised garden bed that matches the space of your yard like a glove. Classic rectangular shaped garden beds can be constructed to any width and any length. Square garden beds, hexagonal, star-shaped, L-shaped, circular, you name it, ModBOX has them all. And every one of them can be custom built to your choice of size, height, and style.

Furthermore, the easy build can be adapted to any condition of any yard: steep slopes, narrow driveways, and even the weirdest odd corners can be fitted with a custom ModBOX raised garden bed.

Easy to assemble

The assembly of your ModBOX raised garden bed will be easy with the step-by-step instruction booklet. Building a ModBOX garden bed is child’s play. Metal rods slide through perfectly aligned precision-drilled holes in timber modules creating a complete structure in minutes and with no need for power tools.

Crafted from sustainably grown Callitris cypress

ModBOX raised garden beds are crafted from high quality Callitris Cypress, a sustainably grown Australian timber. Unlike most other timber varieties, Callitris is naturally resistant to rot and termites and does not require any chemical treatment (like arsenic treated pine) allowing you to grow safe organic edible produce.

It is superior to both steel and plastic garden beds in thermal insulation, protecting soil and delicate root systems from the baking heat of the Summer sun.

Complemented with certified food-grade materials, ModBOX is the safest and most durable raised vegetable garden bed choice for building a beautiful edible garden for your home.

How to choose the right raised garden bed

Need help choosing which garden bed to get?

First, it’s important to identify the space in your yard that gets the most sun during winter. It is always possible to shade areas that are too sunny but it is almost impossible bringing the sun into shaded areas.

Second, with the help of a tape measure take the measurements of those areas. We provide the exact dimensions of all our raised garden beds, so you’ll know whether our pre-built range will fit. For the most yards, square raised garden beds or rectangular raised garden beds will fit the chosen area. Simply find the ones that meet your measurements needs, and you’re good to go. Or for more interesting options explore our clover-shaped raised garden bed,  star-shaped raised garden bed or triangle raised garden bed.

To maximise the growing area, U-shaped raised garden beds and L-shaped raised garden beds are a great way of utilising space, giving a large growing area for a family veggie crop while enabling gardeners to be able to reach produce with ease.

If you want to entertain your guests in your bountiful edible garden, the living furniture range will create an outdoor setting for you to show off your garden while sitting relaxing with friends. 

Sharing the yard with boisterous activities or the need to follow the sun around your garden to grow organic herbs and vegetables all year round can be solved with a planter on wheels. Your green patch will always be in the right spot with this versatile option.

Gardens that make a real statement about your love of growing food can be created with variations of the Multi – Multiple Garden Beds. Or you can engage your creative inner architect and design a stunning composition of shapes and sizes that will transform that plain patch of grass into a Parterre edible Eden like the one in the Versaille gardens of Paris.

Choose to complement your raised garden bed with a wicking system 

Fitting a ModBOX raised garden bed with a wicking system is easy. This self-watering system will take care of your plants’ watering needs for up to six weeks. You can relax knowing that your edible garden is still flourishing while you lead your busy lifestyle and save 90% of water at the same time.

If time and water are not an issue and you prefer a traditionally watered raised garden bed, your ModBOX will be complemented with our certified food-grade liners to further protect the timber and let you safely grow organic food.

Have you got any questions? Take a look at our FAQs, or contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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