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Cypress Raised Garden Bed 1250 x 1250 x 600mm – Grow Herbs & Vegatables


  • Flat-packed for easy transport
  • Made in Australia with local resources
  • Untreated timber, for true organic produce
  • Screwless, boltless and effortless
  • Handcrafted with care and passion for details
SKU: GBEN125125060DWSK


Stop worrying about watering your plants and start to fully enjoy your food garden. With a wicking garden bed, you can relax and leave your garden unattended for weeks, knowing that your plants will thrive as they have everything they need, when they need it.

An infallible system

Watching your plants wilt and die on a hot summer day, or returning from a holiday to discover the damage caused by a water system failure are disheartening experiences.

A wicking garden bed will never fail you. It will keep your plants alive and thriving for weeks, even when you are away.

Save water, plants and money

Keeping up with the watering needs of a food garden during the hot Australian summer is time-consuming and often very costly.

Wicking garden beds cut 90% of watering costs by collecting excess water and redirecting it into the soil when the plants need it.

Tested and proven

Treated timber that leaches chemicals into the soil and cheap plastic that fails to waterproof wicking garden beds are problems of the past.

Now, with ModBOX, you can build your own organic wicking garden bed with an ingeniously simple DIY process, food-grade materials, and chemical-free timber that will last for decades.

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