3_ The Workshop


Chapter 3

From the sawmill our timber finds its way, down south, across the Murray, through bustling Melbourne and down to our Hastings workshop, tucked away on the scenic Mornington Peninsula. Like raw blocks of marble hewn from the Italian alps our thick-cut beams of Murray Pine are hauled onto the shop floor overflowing with potential, waiting for human hands to draw it out. That’s where engineer, Marco Baretta comes in.

Marco comes from a long line of gardeners, craftsmen, experimenters and innovators. He’s also an Italian. A proper Italian. A born-in-Italy kind of Italian. For hundreds of years, the Baretta family have cultivated and cared for a sprawling veggie garden and enormous orchard on their country property outside Turin in Piedmont, northern Italy. For generations the Barettas spent every moment they could outdoors, in the garden, tending to their tomatoes, zucchini, basil and pumpkins, building new wings for the homestead, and feasting on home-grown produce with the family on warm summer nights. Outdoor living is in Marco’s genes. Bringing this lifestyle to the empty patios and barren backyards of Australia is Marco’s calling.

Marco’s ingeniously simple idea for making that happen is the ModBOX. From our beautiful hunks of Murray Pine, Marco carefully cuts his design for totally modular, interlocking planks. With laser-precision he drills holes and cuts his cleverly designed locks into the ends of each part. Once a set is cut, the pieces snap effortlessly together in any shape, any configuration, and combination you can imagine…

Marco Baretta Founder and Engineer

Marco Baretta Founder and Engineer


Giorgio Baretta Great-grandfather – 1892

Workers at the Baretta's farm

Workers at the Baretta’s Farm