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This Garden Waters itself

The ModBOX™ Sub-irrigation Wicking System

This innovative watering system for raised garden beds provides a constant water supply directly to the plant roots.
Water stored below is absorbed up through the soil.
Watering is required only every 2 weeks during the driest months.


Wicking System

Benefits of a wicking bed:

• No need to water daily
• Weeding minimised
• Soil nutrients remain in the garden instead of being washed away
• No water stress for plants during hot months
• Plants develop stronger root systems


A Shared Experience

ModBOX: The Story

Once Upon A Time

1_ The Tree

From the sandhills of the Murray River, up through Western New South Wales and into Southern Queensland, the Australian Cypress (or White Cypress), botanical name Callitris Glaucophilla, slowly and quietly grows.

2_ The Mill

We’ve spent the last 3 years searching for the best sawmills in the country, and we think we’ve found a winner. Our Murray Pine is exclusively sourced from a family-owned and operated sawmill buried deep in central New South Wales.

3_ The Workshop

From the sawmill our timber finds its way, down south, across the Murray, through bustling Melbourne and down to our Hastings workshop, tucked away on the scenic Mornington Peninsula. Like raw blocks of marble hewn from the Italian alps our thick-cut beams of Murray Pine are hauled onto the shop floor overflowing with potential, waiting […]

4_ The DIY kit

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of building something with your own hands. It’s one of the reasons we got started with this whole business. But we’re not greedy – we want you to get some of that satisfaction. We’ll cut the planks perfectly to size, we’ll ship it to your front door, we’ll give you […]
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